When the determination to succeed is strong,

The power to lead becomes more firm


Aurel Biolife is a budding pharmaceutical company offering wide portfolio of leading molecules for management of medical conditions in the field of major therapeutic areas. At Aurel Biolife, we continuously strive to identify significant therapy gaps by working hand in hand with health care professionals and patient advocates. Our patient focused innovative efforts may help bring new therapeutic alternatives as bridges for these therapeutic gaps.

We are fortifying our presence with varied therapeutic segment wise products that are listed in medical journals like CIMS, Drugs Today & IDR etc. Our formulations, world class packaging & design are aesthetic as well as novel.

We at Aurel Biolife, aspires to lead the diverse market of pharmaceutical industry with an unmatched reputation on the benchmark of quality, innovation, social responsibility & consistency. Our commitment to quality is our core strength. Quality of the product is assured throughout the production process with stringent quality control and quality assurance system.

Aurel Biolife strongly deems that “When the determination to succeed is strong, the power to lead becomes more firm with every step”.


Our core strength lies in our commitment to quality. Good manufacturing practices are followed during the production and development to ensure that products with finest quality are delivered at affordable prices. Series of quality tests are performed under surveillance of expertise in order to ensure the offered quality.


Aurel Biolife is a fast growing company with more than 100 products & most of them are DCGI approved new molecules & unique nutraceuticals that are manufactured at WHO GMP certified units in Excise free zone. Aurel Biolife putting its steps forward to serve needs of people in different segments through its specialized divisions. Aurelderma, a novel and futuristic Dermaceutical/Cosmeceutical division of Aurel Biolife, which offers specialized dermaceutical products. Aurelderma brings a fresh, inventive approach to dermatology and cosmetology and is committed itself to provide efficient, reliable products with high quality and safety profile while serving the health care professionals. Multi specialty division, Auzalus Life Sciences, offers range of products in the multiple segments including Cardiovascular, Diabetic, Gastrointestinal and Specialty nutraceuticals.


Our vision is to build global pharmaceutical leadership position in the fundamental markets & consolidate the position through innovation and continuous improvement.


Our mission is to strive towards better health management with the delivery of innovative and quality assured products at affordable prices. Our belief lies in consistent efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of the products along with focus on introduction of innovative next generation products with time.


Commitment to excellence: Aurel Biolife strives for highest standards and excellence and is committed to offer products and services with world class packagings and assured quality. At Aurel Biolife, we hold on to highest standards of policies and ethics for best in class output

Transparency: We believe in clear, honest and respectful communication across the organization in order to encourage more informed and better decision making and create enduring trust

Creativity: Aurel Biolife believes in continuous improvement and innovation. With our objective of encouraging creativity at all the levels, we focus on creating an appropriate environment for employees to learn and advance.

Teamwork: Aurel Biolife believes in the diversity of thoughts and synergy of combined efforts in achieving individual and corporate goals. At Aurel Biolife, we encourage team spirit and encourage employees to work in creative teams.